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The Dotson Snyder Financial Story

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Larry Dotson began his financial services career in 1977 and established Dotson Financial Services in 1985. He has always believed that people do business with people they like and trust. Experience is built over time, knowledge can always be acquired, but likability and trustworthiness are in your core. Larry exudes these qualities. And those qualities are the foundation of the practice Larry built. 

In 2013, Larry hired Jason Snyder as a strategic partner. In 2018, together they set a succession plan in motion as Jason become the lead Financial Professional of Dotson Snyder Financial. Throughout the transition, their overwhelming priority was to continue to provide clients with the caliber of service that has defined the brand for over four decades.  

Even in his retirement in the Spring of 2023, Larry remains an integral source, regularly collaborating with Jason and the team. Dotson Snyder Financial works tirelessly to ensure that the standard of service Larry created continues. When you choose to work with Dotson Snyder Financial, you are not just selecting a financial partner; you are aligning yourself with 65 years of combined industry experience and a legacy of excellence.